Arena Info

Ralston Arena is an indoor arena located in the Ralston/Omaha, Nebraska metro area. Completed in October of 2012, our seating capacity is 4,400 and is the home of the USHL Omaha Lancers hockey team, IFL Omaha Beef, LFL Omaha Heart, Omaha Rollergirls, Dynasty Combat Sports Cagefighting, Ralston Arena sets the stage for a wide variety of concerts, family shows and other events.

Owned by the City of Ralston, and operated by Spectra Venue Managament

Ralston Arena has a Clear Bag Policy for all Arena Events. 

This includes concerts, Omaha Beef and Omaha Lancers Games

Be CLEAR on our New Bag Policy!

Ralston Arena strictly limits the size and types of bags permitted inside the arena.  Ralston Arena strongly encourages fans to travel light.

The Clear Bag Policy states that the following are permitted inside the Ralston Arena for events:

  • Clear plastic bags measuring 12 inches tall by 12 inches long and 6 inches wide
  • Small clutch sized purses or wallets 4.5 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide or smaller
  • One-gallon, clear plastic zip lock bags can take the place of a clear plastic bag
  • Only one bag allowed per ticket holder
  • Bags are still subject to search
  • No large purses, bags, backpacks, fanny packs or diaper bags will be allowed 
  • Exceptions will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection  

There is no storage areas available in the arena to store or safeguard any prohibited bag.  If you bring an unauthorized bag, you will be allowed to return the bag to your vehicle before entering the arena.  The arena is not responsible for items left in your vehicle.


  1. Purse, Fanny Pack or Backpacks
  2. Oversized Clear Bags
  3. Any type of weapon, including a fake weapon or an object resembling a weapon. No firearms, handguns, rifles, knives, razors, brass knuckles, swords, chains, pocketknives and any other items deemed unsafe by security.
  4. Signs, banners, promotional material not approved in advance by arena
  5. No outside food or drink (with exception of an infant bottle)
  6. Absolutely no Drugs or Illegal Substances
  7. No smoking inside the arena, this includes Vaporizing Pens and E-cigs
  8. Professional Cameras, Tripods and Selfie Sticks
  9. Audio Recording and Video Recording devices
  10. Teasers, Laser Pointers and Glow Sticks
  11. Nosie makers (bells, whistles, air horns, etc.)
  12. Animals (except for service animals)

Please allow appropriate time and travel light as all guests will go through security prior to entering the arena.

Once you go through security and enter the arena, there is a No Re-Entry Policy. 

You will not be allowed to leave and re-enter the arena.  This is for the safety of all patrons and staff.

We appreciate your cooperation!



The 200,000 gross square feet of space houses 2 sheets of ice, with 1 sheet consisting of 3,400 permanent seats and the auxiliary sheet of ice consisting of 500 permanent seats.

Architect/Construction Manager

  • Icon Architectural Group – Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • Boyd Jones – Omaha, Nebraska

Get the Facts

  • Total Square Footage: 200,000
  • Approximate Lot Size: 25.5 acres
  • Approximate number of projected events held each year: 150
  • Basketball: 4,600
  • Hockey/Football: 4,000
  • Concerts: 4,356
  • Levels: 4
  • Suites: 14
  • Club Seats: 177
  • Permanent Concession Stands: 5
  • Restrooms: 15 (6 women’s, 6 men’s, 3 unisex)
  • Elevators: 1

Project Size

  • 120,000 sq. ft. – entire project size
  • 16,327 sq. ft. – multi-use arena size (200 × 85)
  • 16,327 sq. ft. – auxiliary rink 1 (200 × 85)
  • 7,718 sq. ft. – banquet space / lobby

Projected Events & Attendance

  • 150-188 events
  • 350,000+ attendance

Other Capacity

  • Banquet: 396
  • Tradeshow: 99 (10 × 10 Booths)

Premium Seating

  • 12 Luxury Suites with 16 seats in each
  • 177 Club Seats
  • 2 Super Club Suites with 18 seats in each

Building Level Names

  • Main/Lobby Level
  • Auxiliary Rink Level
  • Event/Ground Level
  • Concourse Level


  • Two-sided wide screen LED Full Color Marquee displays - Viewing area 28’8” h x 15’6” w; with two (2) upper backlit identification panels - 8’ h x 21’ w
  • Two (2) LED Full Color End Wall Video Display Boards on east and west end - 24’ h x 30’ w
  • Eight (8) Backlit signs, two (2) on each side of each end wall video display board – 12.5’ h x 6’ w
  • LED Full Color Ribbon Board - Approximately 3’ x 200’ x 2
  • Twelve (12) LED Side Wall Video Display Boards centered along building on north and south sides, above LED
  • Ribbon Board – 8’ h x 6’ w
  • LED Scorers Tables
  • Three (3) transparent two-sided shot clocks
  • Three (3) transparent two-sided auxiliary shot clocks
  • Two (2) sets of hockey goal lights (one for each arena)
  • Eight (8) locker room clocks
  • Auxiliary Rink: One (1) hockey scoreboard, one (1) set hockey goal lights, one (1) hockey scoreboard/goal lights controller, two (2) backlit static signs - 5’ h x 10’w

Made by Daktronics of Brookings, S.D.


The $37 million venue’s construction is publicly funded through LB779 which provides that a 3,000 seat enclosed venue can receive 70% of the State of Nebraska Sales Tax collected with in a 600 yard of the venue for up to 20 years or when the General Obligation Bonds are paid off, whichever comes first. The funds can pay for the acquisition of land, construction and equipping of the venue. When adopted in 2010, the legislation was referred to as the “Ralston Bill.”

  • $27.8 million – project cost
  • $9 million – land and infrastructure cost