Drop-In Hockey

Nov 29, 2017 at 8:45PM - 9:45PM
  • 15 Minutes Before
  • Community Rink

Drop-In Hockey

About the Event

Drop-In Hockey Times

For more info contact Chris Hoekstra

Purpose: Allows players of all skill levels the chance to participate in real game situations without being overly competitive.

Description: Adult drop-in hockey sessions are times when anyone age 16 and over can come and play pick-up hockey.  During these sessions, players divide into two teams and play a scrimmage game if there are enough players.

There are no referees present, and players supervise themselves.

The skill levels of players vary widely for these sessions, anywhere from quite novice to quite advanced.  The maximum number of players allowed per session is 30 skaters and 3 goalies.  A session is considered closed when those numbers are reached.  Full hockey equipment is required, including helmets (players under 18 must wear helmet with a face mask).  These sessions have age requirements (16 & over) and there are no exceptions made for players under age to play. 


Must be 16 years or older to play

  • Cost is $10 to skate
  • To skate please reserve your spot with Chris Hoekstra ([email protected])
  • Max players is 24 and 2 goalies

USA Hockey rules--players younger than age 18 are required to wear a full hockey equipment, including helmet with a face mask.

Fighting and horseplay will not be tolerated

Full equipment is required

Helmets must be worn at all times